Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Cultural Competency

What cultural competency is not:
  • “appreciation of diversity” - statement of purpose
  • Not mentioned in ESLRs

What we hope to explore:
  • not making it token (not isolating it to dress-up one day a year)
  • how does it become ingrained into curriculum
  • make what we’re teaching is culturally relevant
  • cultural appreciation vs. appropriation
  • definition of "culture"
  • are we addressing student experience when we’re attempting to “appreciate” diversity
  • privilege!
  • relationships to adults (each other)
    • how is this hard for us as adults/faculty?
    • how are we avoiding the conversation?
    • how can we agree to define cultural competency as a faculty?

  • how does that inform the way we act in the classroom
  • understanding the community, identifying the community
  • how do we define "cultural" activities within our community
  • inclusivity - shift language, actions

What goals we hope to accomplish:
  • For the year, how do we establish/define this for us as faculty (maybe next year we can work on implementing it into curriculum/discussion with students)
  • get on the same page in terms of understanding cultural competency
  • begin with the intention
  • PD / training
  • building awareness of gaps in our understanding
  • small and large conversations
  • becoming okay with tension, discomfort
  • sharing the same language
  • acknowledging privilege
  • how do we assess where we’re at? Who we are?

  • Facilitator for this conversation: Cheyenne Pronga (Cosmo)

Goal: Continue the conversation, read

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  1. This is a subject close to my heart and I am excited to see discussion around it! Anecdotally, I have volunteered to give a short presentation on a cultural tradition in Korea and Korean communities on New Year's Day but I have not discussed it with my son yet...but my gut feeling is he may not like it because he may feel "different" or not the same as anyone else. He's very thoughtful about fitting in and being the same as everyone else. How do you embrace your cultural identity but still feel like you belong? That's a question in my head right now for my 6yo.