Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Looking for a better way to give feedback or how about generating and sharing Service Learning Projects? Check out these two applications.

 I just discovered an application that tracks student work and skills and gives student feedback. This is probably most appropriate for middle school students but since all students have Google Accounts, some elementary teachers may find it useful. Feedback can be archived to prevent repeating yourself. You can sign in with your school Google account making it easy for students to access your feedback. You can also attach links to resources to the feedback to help students see examples of what improvements to make. You don't have to keep repeating yourself.

Here is a presentation that explains Kaizena and how it works. 

Here is the link to the website:

Please note there is a CAIS workshop on Kaizena at the upcoming Regional Meeting March 9. It is Session #2-61.

Looking for service learning projects and a way to share those projects with a larger audience? Prezi Causes may be your answer.

Prezi is free, online presentation software. The last couple of presentations I made to you were done in Prezi. It isn't better than what you are used to using but it offers some features not available in Google Presentations and can be accessed anywhere unlike Office Powerpoint. 

One thing that sets Prezi apart from other presentation software is the company has begun a campaign to share global concerns and information about them through their software. One of the features of Prezi is that it allows a creator to share a Prezi presentation with everyone else who uses the software. 

Prezi wanted to highlight the work of nonprofits and charities. The first campaign highlighted in Prezi Causes is "The Ocean Cleanup Concept. " The presentation presents the problem and ideas for addressing the problem.

Here is a link to the first Prezi Cause:

In a recent article entitled published in eSchool News yesterday, "3 Things Great Teachers Do with Technology," the writer Tom Daccord states," 

1. They empower students through creativity.
2. They connect learners.
3. They make learning last.

Both of these applications connect learners to others:

Kaizena fosters feedback that is timely, individual, and trackable which may be the piece that has been more difficult in the past. The online platform makes it easier for the teacher  and the student to communicate. 

Prezi Causes allows learners to share ideas and information with others outside their classrooms in a creative and novel way. The process  allows the creator to share a variety of media; they can reinforce their own understanding and share the learning with a self-selecting audience of people interested in the topic or cause. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

May Blog

Faculty Laptops

All Faculty laptops must be turned in before you check out in June. Please create a personal backup for your data prior to turning in your laptop. Laptops will be re-imaged for use elsewhere. Bring me an external hard drive by May 30, if you would like me to show you how to back up your data. After that date, you are on your own as I will be swamped with end of the year tech tasks. 
Email ACS Help Desk  if you have any questions. 
Thanks, Mary Beth and Dave

Do you want to purchase your current laptop?

All Faculty laptops will be replaced this year. If you would like to buy your current laptop, please let me know. If you have a white MacBook unibody, you may have the laptop for free once it has been reset to factory settings. If you have a MacBook Pro, the cost is $500. It will be reset to factory settings. The MBP's still have one year of Apple Care on them.

You will need to back up all your documents, photos and videos on a personal external hard drive. Then I will take your computer and reset it.  This will need to be done before you check out in June. 

If you need help backing up your data, please bring me an external hard drive and I will help you. The external hard drive can also be used for any future backups of data in your personal and school computer. When I set up the hard drive for you, I will create two partitions for you, one for school data and one for personal data. Then you can get into the practice of backing up your own computers at home as a secondary safeguard in case the servers at school crash, or the computers themselves crash.

In summary, to purchase or keep your laptop, you need to do the following:
1. Send me an email at telling me your want to keep or buy your laptop. 
2. Back up your laptop data on a personal external hard drive.  (Bring me the hard drive, if you want me to help you.)
3. Bring me the laptop and a check for the amount of $500 for the MBP made out to ACS, and I will reset your now personal computer. 
    OR bring me the MacBook Unibody and I will reset your now personal computer. 
4. Remember all faculty laptops, whether you are purchasing them or not, must be turned in before you check out in June. 

Let me know if you have any questions,
Mary Beth

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Blog

  • We will be having a lockdown drill involving students on this Friday, April 4th at 10:05.  See Schedule below.

For this drill our focus will be on locking the doors and hiding the children in an interior barricade. Please have your walkie-talkie with you and/or cell phone. We will only stay hidden for 5 minutes before I will call the all clear. At that point, please evacuate to the outside field for roll. You are not expected to barricade the door but you should cover the windows as much as possible.

A note has been sent to parents about the drill so that they can talk with their children about it.

I have talked to a number of knowledgeable people and thought a lot about how to present this to children, especially our younger ones. The goal is to make this procedure, like what we do for fire or earthquake drills, feel somewhat routine. That way, children will know what is expected in a real situation. We should not make a game of something that is so serious. Instead, we should be very matter-of-fact.

 “Here at school we practice drills to keep everyone safe. For a lockdown drill, we need to hide silently inside to keep safe. Here is how we do that in our class.”

You do not need to go into what the danger is outside or explain. I know that students may ask or want to tell. Just let them know that this is what we do for this drill to keep safe – lock the door, gather in this area, stay as quiet as possible.

Schedule for drill:
·      10:05 – Announcements (phone and walkie-talkies) and blasts on air horn. Admin watches areas rather than taking part. They check to see that doors are locked and if they can see children.
·      10:15 – All clear announced. Classes evacuate to outside field.
·      10:20 – Roll is done followed by dismissal back to class.

 Please feel free to email me questions or come talk to me about your ideas/concerns.


  • To Access the color copier from a computer:

First: run Managed Software Updates

To run Managed Software Updates, go to Finder - Applications - Utilities- click on the Managed Software Update. 

Inline image 1
Follow the prompts to download and install. You may choose to install by logging out of not. If you have to restart, you will be prompted to do so. 

Once the install is complete, you will have all the up-to-date printer drivers to make printing work. 

Second: Select RM2_Sharp_MX6240N

Open the document you wish to print, select RM2_Sharp_MX6240N. 

*Once you have selected the printer, click on the Copies and Pages drop down menu. 
Select Job Handling.

Inline image 2
Select Authentication.
Inline image 3

Click on the button next to user number. Then type in your 5 digit code for copying. 

Click Print. 

*You will have to do each of the bolded steps every time you wish to print to the copier. Otherwise, the print job will not go through.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March Blog

2nd Trimeseter Report Cards

The report card system is now open. Report cards are due on Monday, March 17th at 9:00.

Earthquake Drill
There will be an earthquake drill on Thursday, March 6th. The drill will not be announced to students ahead of time. Please review with students how to duck, cover, and hold, as well as how to evacuate your room safely before then.




I want to thank all the faculty for their support of prospective students as we complete the admissions process for the first round of decisions. We virtually doubled our applications in the five weeks after winter break making it a challenge to fit in all the shadow days, assessments, and family interviews. All of this information helps the Admissions Committee make the best choices possible. If you have any outstanding student assessments, please send them to Mary Jo Heindel as soon as possible.

Mark your calendar for the teacher appreciation luncheon on March 21 during in-service day. 

If you have not yet rsvp'd for the auction, I encourage you to enjoy an evening at the Downtown Summit Center. Convenient parking, good food and, from what I hear, a good DJ.



Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tech Tips for February

Gala, Our Trusty, Hard-Working Server
The server that syncs and backs up all school faculty and student data is at 84% of its maximum. Everyone can help reduce this number by deleting old files that are no longer needed or used.

To make sure you don't repopulate your home directory with deleted files, you must:
1. Empty your trash after you delete your files.
2. Make sure your sync your computer right after you have deleted your files while you are still on campus.

Remember a file includes any document, photo, video, or graphic.

If you have any trouble deleting or syncing files, please let me know.

Future Note: Faculty Computer Replacement
Next year, all staff that currently has a computer will get a new computer. Between now and then, it would be a good idea to begin to delete redundant files. You will also need to put any personal and school photos and videos on an external storage device such as a flash drive or an external hard drive before you turn in your old computer.

Deleting and Adding Printers and Applications
Your computers are no longer set up to add printers or applications. If you want to add a school printer or an application to your computer, you will add it through Managed Software Updates. The Software Update under the Black Apple menu in the upper left hand corner of your screen no longer works. Let Dave know if you want to add a school printer or an application and he will configure it so that it can be accessed through Managed Software Updates which is stored under Applications or Utilities. By managing printers and software this way, we can make sure that defunct printers don't show up in your choices and that all pieces of a software application get installed properly which will minimize your issues with using the application.

Looking for photos appropriate for student use in the Public Domain.

When your students are looking for photos that are copyright friendly and child friendly, one great resource is Pics4Learning. It isn't as robust as Google Images but you won't run into undesirable images either. The photos have been contributed mostly by teachers. Be sure to preview the pictures in a category first as they may not be catalogued correctly. For example, I searched for images of Nevada and found pictures of Yosemite included.

As always, if you have any questions, please send your questions to ACS Help Desk.

Thanks, Mary Beth and Dave