Friday, May 9, 2014

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Faculty Laptops

All Faculty laptops must be turned in before you check out in June. Please create a personal backup for your data prior to turning in your laptop. Laptops will be re-imaged for use elsewhere. Bring me an external hard drive by May 30, if you would like me to show you how to back up your data. After that date, you are on your own as I will be swamped with end of the year tech tasks. 
Email ACS Help Desk  if you have any questions. 
Thanks, Mary Beth and Dave

Do you want to purchase your current laptop?

All Faculty laptops will be replaced this year. If you would like to buy your current laptop, please let me know. If you have a white MacBook unibody, you may have the laptop for free once it has been reset to factory settings. If you have a MacBook Pro, the cost is $500. It will be reset to factory settings. The MBP's still have one year of Apple Care on them.

You will need to back up all your documents, photos and videos on a personal external hard drive. Then I will take your computer and reset it.  This will need to be done before you check out in June. 

If you need help backing up your data, please bring me an external hard drive and I will help you. The external hard drive can also be used for any future backups of data in your personal and school computer. When I set up the hard drive for you, I will create two partitions for you, one for school data and one for personal data. Then you can get into the practice of backing up your own computers at home as a secondary safeguard in case the servers at school crash, or the computers themselves crash.

In summary, to purchase or keep your laptop, you need to do the following:
1. Send me an email at telling me your want to keep or buy your laptop. 
2. Back up your laptop data on a personal external hard drive.  (Bring me the hard drive, if you want me to help you.)
3. Bring me the laptop and a check for the amount of $500 for the MBP made out to ACS, and I will reset your now personal computer. 
    OR bring me the MacBook Unibody and I will reset your now personal computer. 
4. Remember all faculty laptops, whether you are purchasing them or not, must be turned in before you check out in June. 

Let me know if you have any questions,
Mary Beth

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