Friday, September 27, 2013

How to Install a Printer to your Computer

How to install the correct printers on your computer.

You may  have a list of printers on your computers that are outdated and no longer operational.  

Each computer must have the correct driver on it in order to be able to print to the corresponding printer.

We have created a naming convention that helps you know which printer is the correct printer.

In order to make this process problem-free, we have reconfigured all printers and their correct drivers to work on the school computers. We are not finished with all printers but the most universally used ones are now accessible.

Right now, the only printer students can print to is the printer in the computer lab. The only name that works is RM17_HP_4200

No other variation of the computer lab printer works.  Note that none of the printers in the image below, is correct.

To install the correct printer, go to spotlight and type in Managed Software Updates.

Note that  Software Update  under the black apple will not provide you with the correct printer driver.

Managed Software updates will check for all available updates.

A list of available updates will open.
Click on Update now

You will be prompted to log out and install  or   install without logging out.  
Select log out and install. Otherwise, it will not work.

After you log out and attempt to  log back in, the install will begin. Allow the update to run and then you will be allowed to log in. The printer should now be on your computer. It may not appear as the default choice but if you click on the pull down menu, you will see RM17_HP_4200 as a choice.

You can run Managed software Update again, and the incorrect printers will be deleted from your choices.

Besides the updates that will be loaded on your computers, you will also periodically get a notice for optional updates when you run Managed Software Updates.

MIddle School Teachers: Please share this information with your students. Many students who say they have run Managed Software Update, have not and then encounter problems with printing. They may think they ran MSU by going to the Black apple in the toolbar and selecting Software Update. They are two different things and software update no longer works accurately.


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